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Triathlon Training Programs

Endurance House Indianapolis Team Membership Includes:


Four training program options with training plans for Sprint, Olympic, Half Distance (70.3) and Full Distance (140.6)

Clinic and workshop series

Team socials

15% store discount for 2018

Access to team night

Private Facebook group

Complimentary Endurance House Team Tri Kit (MRP $180)

$295 for Sprint and Olympic plans

$395 for Half Distance and Full Distance plans

Endurance House Indianapolis Custom Training Includes:


Custom training plan

Athlete chooses race schedule

Unlimited plan changes

Unlimited email contact with coach

Access to exclusive team workouts

Access to clinics and socials

15% in-store discount for 2018

Access to team night

$175 monthly fee

Private One-on-One Sessions


Swimming, Cycling, Running, Transition Practice


$50 per hour

Individual Consulting


$50 per hour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have never done a triathlon. Where do I begin? 


A: You are in good hands! We started this team in 2016 to help new triathletes get comfortable in the sport. We welcome all level of triathletes. Most people who commit to complete a triathlon and need coaching for at least one of the three disciplines. Our clinics and workshops are perfect for learning the basics in swimming, biking, running or refining your skills to get faster. Our group is a mix of young, old, new triathletes, and experienced ones!


Q: How do I receive my training? 


A: All of our training is done through Training Peaks, which is an app free to team members. This app allows our Coach to upload your training plan. You will be able to see your workouts and leave comments.


Q: Why should I join a team versus having just a training plan? 


A: This team will motivate you and keep you on track. A training plan can be confusing and unrealistic. There is no feedback with a generic training plan. You will not only get in shape with this team but you will build friendships. It makes it more enjoyable and fun! We also offer monthly clinics and socials that focus on different aspects of triathlon. Whether you are new to triathlon or an elite-age-grouper, this team will challenge you and help you achieve your goals.


Q: I don’t have a bike. Can you help? 


A: Endurance House Team members receive an in-store discount and a special bike discount. Our retail store is stocked with everything you need for triathlon. We have running shoes, cycling shoes, bikes, swim gear, wetsuits, nutrition, and more!